Expansion Joint Repairs and Filling

Most concrete floors will have expansion joints cut into them at an early stage to help with the ongoing expansion and contraction of the floor, along with natural movement due to environmental conditions.  If left open these joints will often get damaged edges and fill up with dust and debris overtime.  Depending on the application, these joints can range from approximately 5mm to 20mm wide on very large floors.  In many cases property owners require these joints to be filled with a flexible sealants to protect the joint’s edges and the floor in general.

In retail and food outlet environments, larger open joints on floors are considered a risk to customer safety and can potentially raise cleanliness issues.  Additionally filled expansion joints hugely lift the aesthetics of a concrete floor.

The Sealcrete NZ team are licenced applicators for the industries top products and have completed projects on smaller residential areas through to some of New Zealand largest retailers.

Please consult our team with your floor expansion joint filling or repair requirements and we will present you with the most suitable options available.