Grind and Seal Concrete

Concrete grinding is the process used for many different applications when dealing with either a new or older concrete floor.  Concrete grinding and sealing can often be referred to as polished concrete, however the product and system for a “grind and seal” is different to that for polished concrete.

As with polished concrete the Sealcrete NZ team use the latest diamond grinding equipment and techniques.  Typically a concrete grind and seal solution is a quicker process and provides an exceptionally durable and beautiful looking floor.  A “grind and seal” consists of the concrete being ground to a level to suit your aesthetic requirements, then is followed by coating the surface with a range of protective sealers depending on your application.

A concrete grind and seal solution is particularly suitable for the flowing:

  • Hard wearing flooring environments
  • Outdoor environments (where an anti slip surface is required)  
  • Workshops & garages,
  • Driveways
  • Patio areas
  • Landscaping and garden areas        

Additionally, we will often need to grind your concrete floor to remove an existing coating, glue, mortar or backing from a previous floor covering, or loose damaged concrete in the preparation for your new flooring solution.

Please consult our team with your flooring application and requirements and we will present you with the most suitable option to accomplish an exceptional looking and highly durable grind and seal concrete flooring solution.