Polished Concrete

Polished concrete has quickly become the method of choice as a flooring solution for a raft of different applications for all of the right reasons.  Polished concrete delivers a strong durable surface, is aesthetically superior to other to other flooring options and provides a wide range of finishes depending on your preference.

Whether you have a brand new or an older concrete floor, a polished concrete finish is sure to impress.  There are a number of different options to consider with a polished concrete solution depending on what you would like to achieve.  These can include the size of the stone you wish to show and the amount of shine you require from your floor. The Sealcrete NZ team are experts in polishing concrete floors to the highest standards with the latest diamond grinding and polishing equipment and techniques.  Our wide range of high quality equipment and skilled technicians have completed polished concrete projects from spanning huge factory floors through to small residential spaces in both indoor and outdoor areas.  There are many different polished concrete systems on the market and the Sealcrete NZ team have experience in all of the best systems available.

Some of the more popular areas for polished concrete:

  • Retail outlets stores (large and small scale)
  • Commercial and industrial warehouses and factories
  • Residential homes
  • Office buildings and showrooms
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Gyms and Recreation centres 

Please consult our team with your flooring requirements and we will present you with the most suitable option to accomplish an exceptional looking and highly durable polished concrete flooring solution.