Uplifting, Removal & Floor Preparation

Floor preparation is a big part of any existing revamp of a property project.  The team at Sealcrete NZ are not only experts in bringing your older concrete floor back to life, we can also help you remove an existing floor covering and prepare it for a new flooring solution.   When an existing floor has had a covering system such as carpet, vinyl, tiles or a coating system, it is a challenging often time consuming job to uplift and remove the covering and left over remnants from your floor (such as glue or tile mortar).  The Sealcrete NZ team are experienced at uplifting existing coverings within tight time frames and can restore your concrete floor with a polished concrete or grind and seal system, or prepare your floor for a new covering system.

The Sealcrete NZ team can provide the following:

  • Uplifting of carpet, vinyl, tiles and other covering systems
  • Removal of glues, tiles mortars, filling compounds and coating systems
  • Floor levelling and joint flattening
  • Joint and hole filling
  • Grinding and removal of raised areas
  • Keying floor for new coatings and coverings